Monday, August 08, 2005


Here's something that's worth keeping around:

> 98% of dissatisfied customers never complain, they just leave.
> 85% of dissatisfied customers tell nine people about their poor experience. 13% tell 20 people.
> A satisfied customer tells just five people.
> Over five years, a typical company loses 80% of its customers; 65% because of a negative experience with the company.
> 75% of the reasons a customer leaves has nothing to do with the product.
> Retain just 5% of your customers, and profits will increase from 25% to 55%.
> The top five businesses in any industry have over 90% customer retention. Most businesses average 80%.
> For every 1% improvement in customer rate sustained over five years, there is a 20% improvement in operating income.

and finally,

The number one reason why customers switch companies is that they don't feel appreciated.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Planning to advertise on radio or TV? Most advertisers blow it before they even get on the air. Yep, before that money ever changes hands, it's wasted. You see, it all starts with the copy.

Try it. Write a commercial about yourself. What does your finished product say? Is it a list of everything you have to offer? an inventory of all your fine attributes? That's a menu, and menus are for restaurants.

Listen to most commercials: "We have (product) and we're number one in sales and service..." Have you ever been to a party where you've encountered someone who just talks about themselves? You steer clear of that person, don't you? Viewers and listeners do the same thing. They could care less about your new mayonaise milkshake. UNLESS you give them a reason why it might impact their life.

Tell a story. That's what good copy does. And good copy sells.

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