Tuesday, October 25, 2005


"I'm not real crazy about this copy", she said. "Can you use the phrase, 'Discover furniture shopping the way it was meant to be.'?"

Of course. All you need to do is tell me: how IS it meant to be, and who sets those standards?

"But it's just for the spot," she said, "we're trying to create an ambiance."

But you're creating an ambiance for YOU. The buyer cares about what kind of ambiance SHE WILL create.

Time and time again, retailers think the commercial should be about them, when it's supposed to be about the customer. Furniture shopping is pretty much the same everywhere I go. A lot of product packed so tightly into the showroom that it's hard to walk. And every few yards, another sales person hovers. Is THAT the way it's supposed to be? Now, if walking into the showroom was like walking into someone's home, and you only saw a salesman when you needed one, that would be different. That is something the consumer would find compelling and worth visiting. Because that speaks to the customer's experience.

"We have a staff of friendly professionals"

You'd better. Because the alternative could run your business into the ground.

Time for a pop quiz.
This article is about (a) selling furniture (b) speaking directly to the consumer

If you said (a).....no, seriously, tell me you didn't

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