Thursday, January 19, 2006


I almost forgot. The Miss America Pageant is this weekend. Remember, last year the show was dropped by the networks, and it since has moved to Las Vegas and to TNN. I was reminded of the pageant, even the date and time, by TNN's direct competition: Great American Country. GAC is running a radio campaign touting their counter-programming to Miss America. They even go so far as to say that if you're a country music fan, something is wrong if you have any interest in the Miss America Pageant.

To some, I suppose pageants are passe', but I think Miss America is one of those constants that we look for, especially in uncertain times. After all, Miss America was actually the first Reality TV show. Basically, 50 contestants vie to become famous for one year. Oh, and there's a college scholorship thrown in too - but that's no small potatoes, have you checked the price of tuition lately? And despite it's critics, Miss America is not as blatent as "Are You Hot Or Not", "The Swan", or even "Extreme Makeover".

So is it wise to mention your competitors in your commercials? I would advise against it. Use your time and energy to tell the benefits of YOUR product. The only exception is Coke and Pepsi, whose consumers are so loyal and so divided, they can play "war" with each other and may the best spot win.

So, thanks, GAC. I'll make a mental note to watch TNN this Saturday.

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Ron Harper