Sunday, December 06, 2009

The End Of The MP3 ?

I have most of the Mannheim Steamroller's early albums on vinyl.  Even though they were also on CD, I was told by an audiophile friend that the clarity on vinyl was amazing.  He was right. Everyone is well aware of the difference between CD and Vinyl. 

Not so many are aware of the difference in clarity between CD and MP3.  MP3's while digital, are highly compressed.  They lack the depth and warmth of a live performance, or a vinyl performance for that matter.  But they're bought more than vinyl ever was.  We can conclude that the masses are not quality driven when it comes to entertainment.

(Yes, I know that last sentence can be taken different ways - but that's another blog post)

Anyway, now, Apple is reportedly in talks to buy internet startup, who has threatened the end of the MP3 with their quick streaming app. It's even less fidelity-wise than MP3s.  So are we going downhill?

Are the music artists still screaming because they're not getting the royalties they think they should? Has anybody told them what is happening to their music?  Hmmmm.

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