Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eight Voice Actors You Should Follow On Twitter

Twitter is a mélange of interesting communities. There are thousands of Tweeple in the voiceover industry. You’ll find a lot of voice actors coming from broadcasting. We like it because it’s indoors, it’s air conditioned, and there’s no heavy lifting. So, this, in no particular order, is my list of folks to follow.

1. Dave Courvoisier (courvo) Dave is the anchor for Channel 8, the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas. You’ll find a lot of blog cross posts, links to his daily You Tube mashup of the day’s headlines, and lots more of interest. So with almost 6 thousand followers, I guess what happens in Vegas gets tweeted all over the world.

2. Austin Keyes (austinkeyes) He’s that big voice you hear on The Celebrity Apprentice, movie trailers, and lots of places around the radio dial.

3. Bob Souer (bobsouer) One of the master story tellers

4. Kara Edwards (karaedwards) Is it coincidence that there are two women on this list from North Carolina? Kara gives you a nice look behind the scenes of a voice actor. And I like her voice.

5. Jeffery Kafer (vooverload) Voice-overload is an internet comic strip that Jeff draws. It’s for and about the voiceover community. Search for the one about Kevin Spacey. Funny, Funny.

6. Ben Hopkin (actingnodrama) Host of the Acting Without The Drama Blog. Good tips on staying “in the moment”

7. Gregory Best (gregorybest) San Diego voice talent. I like reading his tweets. Seems like someone you could have a nice conversation with.

8. Dayci Brookshire (dayci) She’s the Geico Pothole. A Tarheel in NY, and a talented actress so………k, bye!

For those of you Twitterati whom I have forgotten, I’ll catch you on the next list.

--Thanks for reading.

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