Friday, June 04, 2010

When I Started

I remember getting the call from a listener asking me if I was the same Ron Harper that he had listened to ten years and about a thousand miles ago.

In such a transient medium, I was both surprised and shocked, but pleased to have made an impression. That particular station in West Texas had almost half of the available audience, leaving the other 16 stations to carve up the other half.

The other shocker was that we worked in the same building, just seven floors apart. After talking with him more, I discovered that his company, who managed some large power plants, was looking for someone to produce a corporate program for new employee orientation. In that pre-high tech world, we were talking slideshow. I bid for it, and got the job! I produced the soundtrack in four track MONO, and mixed it in two different studios to get it right.

Then that project was followed by another, and another...

This past weekend, I finished rebuilding my VO booth in my home studio. We've gone from four track mono, to unlimited tracks in stereo. And I still feel the same enthusiasm for each new project as I did for that first one.

--Thanks for reading.

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