Thursday, July 07, 2005


If you're reading this, you are at least familiar with Podcasting. In one of the podcasting message boards recently, someone was decrying the possible use of advertising on podcasts by saying that advertising is the reason why people are turning their radios off. But that's only partly true. It's not advertising, but rather the bad commercials that people are turning off.

We are bombarded by more sales messages in every format, and in every forum than we ever have been. With all of that, how does any message get thru? Are consumers still being influenced by advertising? Whether they like it or not, they are.

You cut thru the clutter by having a compelling sales message. Yes, consumers will listen when you are addressing a specific need. My previous post about the General Motors campaign is proof: GM just extended their discount program. Ford and Chrysler have also joined in. Auto sales are up, and that's due to advertising.

Consumers are more savvy now than they ever have been. They've been exposed to enough hype over the past few years that their BS detectors are on 'high'. That makes an advertising investment even more necessary, and a targeted compelling sales message mandatory.

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