Friday, July 29, 2005


Take a look at the title. You think that's only important in real estate? How about in your advertising? If you're off the beaten path, then you need to make it SOUND easy to get to. Use landmarks, major cross streets, major retailers and tell your customers where you are in relation to them.

I had a large shopping center client who had their parking lot given a street name by the city, so all their addresses would be Shopping Center Way. The problem was, they were a new center, and customers still did not know their name. But as soon as they started including the name of the major artery that ran in front of their property, their advertising effectiveness increased dramatically.

Everyplace is easy to get to if you give good directions. If you really are totally hidden, then that should be the message of your advertising. -- I'll tell THAT story another time.

Don't make your customers jump thru hoops to find you. Be as user friendly as you can for whatever medium you're using.

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